Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New school year

I have just put in our order for this up coming school years books! This has to be the most exciting time for homeschooling families, it is for ours. It helps give that extra push to get the lessons we have left done so that we can move on to bigger ideas.
This year in addition to getting books and study aids from A Beka books, I also got a year long family pass to both the Mayborn museum and the zoo in Waco, TX. I hope that this will add lots of fun to our school year as we take many trips as a family and with other home school families.
Jamie will be starting her K5 year and Michael is starting on Nursery school. Some of the things Jamie will be doing include, feather progressing in her reading skills, learning addition and subtraction, discovering Gods world through sciences, and starting a journal.
Michael will be working on understanding the concept of numbers, recognizing written numbers, counting, and his ABC's. Both children have art project books. Some of the most fun kids get to have is when they are covered in paint and glue and my kids will not be let out!
My the Lord bless us in this new school year, bless me with the patience to go the pace my children set and my children forgiveness for my flaws.

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