Wednesday, September 15, 2010

counting the days

So we are down to 8 days and counting until our little Elizabeth Lillian is due to come via c-section. All the things that need to be done for such a little thing are slowly getting done. I am sure that the list of things that are needed for a new baby weighs more then the baby at birth. Seeing as this is our third child I was thinking that there would be very little to buy for her. I was wrong! As most will remember Jamie Lynn would spit-up ever meal due to her birth issues, this made almost all of her clothes into dust rags. I had forgotten this and planed on reusing her clothes only to find she had nothing left. Thanks to some wonderful ladies and some good thrift shops we now have a closet FULL of little dresses and outfits. we are using the same crib that both Jamie and Michael used, as well as most of the big stuff. then there are the large mounds of things to wash and clean, the house to set up, and meals to cook and freeze. We have even washed the van for Elizabeth's ride home.The larger I get the harder it is to do the things I need to get done but I am finding a way.