Friday, July 23, 2010

Texas Time

We have moved to Texas now. Jason came home on the 9th of July and everything has been fast paced and non-stop. We are staying with some lovely friends that Jason made in Egypt well we wait on the keys to our house. It has been so nice to have Jason home. The night he arived I woke Jaome up to suprise her. as soon as she saw her Daddy her eyes lit like a Christmas tree! The next morning jamie woke up early to see if her Daddy was still there and woke Michael up as well. I got them both out of bed and took them into our room to meet Daddy. Jamie jumped right into his arms, but Michael wasen't sure what to think. I quickly noticed that Jason had his glasses off and had him put them on. As soon as Jason did so Michael smiled and started playing shy with him. The best part was when Jason held out his hands and Michael jumped into them and gave his Daddy a BIG hug. Michael kept pulling away to look at Jason then hug him again. The two of them have shown so much love for Jason and it just keeps coming. Everyday that he comes home from work both children run to get their hugs and kisses from Daddy.
In other news we have settled on the name for our new baby girl. It will be Elizabeth Lillian Walker. She will be born via C-section but the date has yet to be set. If Elizabeth is anything like her brother and sister then she will be early but the prayer is that she makes it to full term. We have been so blessed to have been given the blessing of Jamie and Michael and we are so looking forward to the birth of little Elizabeth. We want to thank everyone for the prayers and love they have shown during this pregnancy.
I will hopefully be posting again with details of our new house. I pray that will be soon but the army has a way of making plans then changing them.