Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August update

Life has been driving on here in the Walker house. Things are getting better everyday. I have now gotten some outside activites going on. We have been attending playgroups every week, and making trips to the farmers market every weekend. Te play gorups have been lodes of fun for Jamie. We have been swiming at the Raymond's house and Jamie is becoming more of a fish every time we go. At first she wanted nothing to do with the water. I had to pull her nto the pool after 15 min of just looking at the water. Now after just a few times she is getting brave and putting her face underwater and blwing bubbles. I think that swimming lessons are right around the corner. We have also enjoyed picking out fresh fruits and veggies at the farmers market. It has been so nice toget out in the fresh air and pick out what veggies you will use that week. Jamie likes to pick out the flowers that we will brng home. I think it is a good thing for our kids to pick out what they will be eatting for the week. Jamie hasnever been a picky eater but it is still nice that she can have a say in our produce picks.
Michael is growing just the same as ever. He is now blowing rassberries and getting anyone within 3 feet wet. I had forgotten how much spit a baby can make when teathing. He is also babbling a lot more. Jamie is always talling me what he is saying. Watching the two ofthem is so much fun. J amie is such a wonderful big sister. I am looking foward to the time that they can really paly together.
well not much is really happening here, I do plan on posting some pics here soon so look back for them.