Thursday, February 4, 2010

long time no post

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been ticking by with little time to spend in front of a computer sreen. As some know Jason came home for a visit for 3 weeks last month. it was such a blessing to have my other half back in the home even for such a short time. Jason is back in Egypt now but we are counting down the days until he comes home and can stay here for a year.
So much has happend from the last post that i made. I guess I will go by each family member. I will start with Miss Jamie Lynn. As always Jamie is exceling at her school work. I often forget how far ahead she is until we get around other people. Just this last Sunday I went to choir pratice and had to take Jaime and Michael along for lack of a sitter. Before we started one of the members was asking Jamie some random questions regarding her dress. asking her things like "what color are the buttens." and "How many pink buttens are there?" when she answered all the questions right the "how smart", and "such a big girl you are" came rolling in. I know this may seem over the top to some people but for me when 3 year old can read and do simple math i find that amazing no matter whos child it is.
We are still woking on Jamie's eyes. Rigth now they are not improving as much as the doctors would have hope. we have started to dilate her right eye everyday to make the vision blurry so that the left eye can get stronger. We are also patching the right eye for 3 hours a day. It is very hard as a parent to have a child with something wrong that just wouldn't get better. It is even more so when you are alnoe with 2 childen and a household to care for on top of it. I know i n time things will look up and all this will be past her but right now it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Now for Michael, this little boy couldn't be more diffrent from his sister! Jaime would be happy to play by herself and not make a beep for hours, Michael on the other hand will not let me set him down for a second! Jamie hated to be held after she could crawel and Michael is the BEST snuggle bug ever! Michael is crawling very well now and getting into everything. He has also started to say a few words. Mama and Dada are the first as is normal, then can dog, love you, and bye bye. more come everyday and I look forard to when he can tell me what he wants rather then cry and protest all the time.
sorry to cut this short but I have to head to the gym to work off all the extra pounds for Jason coeing home.