Thursday, May 28, 2009

getting back to normal

I am sorry for taking such a long brake. Things have been crazy the last few weeks. First off my suregery went very well and I am now healing. We have had quite a few set backs on the road to recovery. The worst of them waking up parlized. Yes you read right I woke up a could not move! We called the paramedics and we to the hospital just to have movement return 2 hours later and no reason as to why it happen in the first place. I am just fine now and pray that I never have it happen again.
We are getting more and more settled in to our new house. I am trying to keep up with the house work and the kids as I recovery and I have to say the house has suffered. My mom has been such a wonderful help as well as the sisters of the church. Jason sadly had to return to Ft. Irwin and has not been able to help. He will be here with us from the 11th of june until we drop him off at the airport to leave us for a year.
Michael is doing very well. He is now 11 pounds and growing! He is rolling over and cooing. This little boy supprises me daily. Jamie at this point was still so small and newborn like, and Michael is more like a 3 or 4 month old. He is very into looking around at the world around him. We had his photos taken and got some very lovely photos of him and little Miss Jamie. Speaking of jamie she is getting older as well. She is now reading close to 50 words and that is expanding everyday. You read right she is READING. I am very proud of her and love watching her grow. Jamie will begoing on her very first Mommy and Daddy free trip. Her Grandma (Rhonda) will be taking her camiping with the Walker family. I am sad to miss this trip, but I am even more upset to let my baby go withoout me. It's not that I don't trust the wonderful family that will be taking her, but the moments that I will miss out on. I guess a mother must let go some time.
I will let you know how things progress in my healing and how Jamie reacts to a weekend without Mommy, and the milestones Michel makes in the coming week.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

life moves on

Well things are moving along here in the Walker house. It is getting easier to do the normal dat-to-day activities. Jason is out in the field yet again. At least this time wihtout him gives me a chance to learn how manage a house with 2 kiddos by myself. I have been doing better then I though iI would ever do. It is amazing how a few years can change how well one keeps house. I can rember growing up how I could NEVER keep my room clean. Then as a new wife I always had dishes stacked in the sink and clothes that needed folding. Now if you came to my house things are far diffrent.
So on to the good stuff. Michael is doing very well. He is getting so big. he is now around 9 pounds and filling out nicely. He has started to roll over. The first time was the day he turned 5 weeks old. He has done it almost every time I put him on his tummy.I am not sure at whet age the "normal" baby rolls over but I am sure it is not at 5 weeks old. He is also holding his head steady, nad has even tried a coo or two. This is such good news forus because of him being born early. Babies born early are slower to reach milesotnes then trem babies. If I were to ajust his age like the doctor tell me to do then he was only 1 week old when he rolled over.
Little Miss Jamie is ding good as well. She just this week cut her 3 year molers. This has made life very hard on her. She has been complaining about her mouth hurting and there is nothing I can do. Her moods have been up and down due to this and it make Mommy's life very hard when a toddler wants to be held the same time the baby is nursing. We have also learned a very big lesson tonight, razor hurt! Jason left the razor on the bathroom counter after shaving and tonight Jamie tried to shave like Daddy. Lucky her the only cut she got was on her lip.Now Daddy knows to put the razor up and Jamie knows not to tuch it when he forgets.