Tuesday, January 25, 2011


OUr family has been going through al lot in the last few months. Jason is gone at some point every month for training for the up coming deployment. With Jason gone I have been given time to learn how best to care for our house with him gone. To put it lightly the house is a mess. With three wonderful, yet messy, kids to clean after and teach/play with it has been less then easy to keep our home in the order it should be. I often find myself wondering how I will last a whole year without Jason coming home at night to help look after the kids as is pick up the chores not done for that day. We had a wonderful gift of a 4-day weekend the weekend before last. It was so nice to have time with Jason and the kids and not have to rush to get all the Saturday errands do in one day. Well Monday night came around and it hit us that we got nothing done in the house, the dishes were stacked in the sink, clothes needed to be washed and put away, and there were toys EVERYWHERE!
Now here I am trying to play catch-up with the house chores and still get the daily tasks done at the same time. I feel so over my head. I want to just hire someone to come in and get the house back in shape then I'll take over! I know that is never going to happen so here is sit taking a well needed rest from my all morning cleaning. Jason is leaving on Thursday for 3 weeks and will miss yet another Valentine's day. I am happy that He has a job, and that I can be a stay-at-home mom but there are days that I would love t drop the kids off at a sitters and hire a maid.
As the wise Annie once said "The sun will come out tomorrow".