Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas time is here

First off please forgive any typos, Jamie got grape juice on the keyboard, we are now looking for a new one. Well last night was the ward Christmas party. We had good food and good friends all around us. We were sad that Jason couldn't be with us but he is coming home today. The children did a live nativity and Jamie was all too cute in her "Mary" outfit. Michael want so bad to join the big kids that he stood at the front of the stage the whole time!

Good food for all. It's nice when Mommy doesn't have to cook.

Our little "Mary" Michael want to join the big kids.

Here's our Christmas card photos. We are so blessed!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The kids, Jason inclued, loved playing in the leaves.

It was so cold that night that the s'mores were just right.


Michael getting pie from Grammie... And Papa!

making s'mores

Michael and Jamie playing in the leaves.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Well thanksgiving is over and now on to Christmas! We had a most wonderful Thanksgiving with our friends the Wareing's. It was an almost perfect weekend.There were some stress as is normal with the holidays but over all it was great.
We now have our Christmas tree up and lit. It looks very nice but it's missing the star on top. As is tradition in our family Daddy will help one of the kids put it on. seeing as Jason is gone to Miami that will have to wait until he gets home. Now to find the box with the ornaments!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A pixie party

I know the post is late by oh well. Jamie has had her fourth birthday! Some days it can feel like it has only been a year from the day I gave birth to Jason and my first child, but then it is hard to remember life without our sweet little, going on big, girl in our lives.
I can still remember seeing her for the first time thinking how much she looking like her daddy and yet was so unique at the same time. I can also still remember the fear washing over me as the doctor told me that me 3 day old miracle baby would need surgery to fix her intestines. The day I had to hand my sweet baby over to the OR nurse and watch helplessly as she walked my little girl into the OR was one of the hardest days of my life. I would never wish that upon any mother. Yet here we are 4 years after and having yet another birthday party.

Thank you to all those that were able to make it and sorry we missed so many that are now states away.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Then there are 5!

Elizabeth Lilian was born into this world on September 20th 2010. She was a healthy 7lbs 11oz and 20 1/4in long. We feel so blessed to have this new ife in our family. Jamie and Michael are taking to their new sister very well.
Elizabeth getting her vitals
Daddy getting to hold his new girl
Jamie meeting Elizaeth
little one sucking her hand
Michael's a big brother!

Going home!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

counting the days

So we are down to 8 days and counting until our little Elizabeth Lillian is due to come via c-section. All the things that need to be done for such a little thing are slowly getting done. I am sure that the list of things that are needed for a new baby weighs more then the baby at birth. Seeing as this is our third child I was thinking that there would be very little to buy for her. I was wrong! As most will remember Jamie Lynn would spit-up ever meal due to her birth issues, this made almost all of her clothes into dust rags. I had forgotten this and planed on reusing her clothes only to find she had nothing left. Thanks to some wonderful ladies and some good thrift shops we now have a closet FULL of little dresses and outfits. we are using the same crib that both Jamie and Michael used, as well as most of the big stuff. then there are the large mounds of things to wash and clean, the house to set up, and meals to cook and freeze. We have even washed the van for Elizabeth's ride home.The larger I get the harder it is to do the things I need to get done but I am finding a way.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Texas Time

We have moved to Texas now. Jason came home on the 9th of July and everything has been fast paced and non-stop. We are staying with some lovely friends that Jason made in Egypt well we wait on the keys to our house. It has been so nice to have Jason home. The night he arived I woke Jaome up to suprise her. as soon as she saw her Daddy her eyes lit like a Christmas tree! The next morning jamie woke up early to see if her Daddy was still there and woke Michael up as well. I got them both out of bed and took them into our room to meet Daddy. Jamie jumped right into his arms, but Michael wasen't sure what to think. I quickly noticed that Jason had his glasses off and had him put them on. As soon as Jason did so Michael smiled and started playing shy with him. The best part was when Jason held out his hands and Michael jumped into them and gave his Daddy a BIG hug. Michael kept pulling away to look at Jason then hug him again. The two of them have shown so much love for Jason and it just keeps coming. Everyday that he comes home from work both children run to get their hugs and kisses from Daddy.
In other news we have settled on the name for our new baby girl. It will be Elizabeth Lillian Walker. She will be born via C-section but the date has yet to be set. If Elizabeth is anything like her brother and sister then she will be early but the prayer is that she makes it to full term. We have been so blessed to have been given the blessing of Jamie and Michael and we are so looking forward to the birth of little Elizabeth. We want to thank everyone for the prayers and love they have shown during this pregnancy.
I will hopefully be posting again with details of our new house. I pray that will be soon but the army has a way of making plans then changing them.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

long time no post

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been ticking by with little time to spend in front of a computer sreen. As some know Jason came home for a visit for 3 weeks last month. it was such a blessing to have my other half back in the home even for such a short time. Jason is back in Egypt now but we are counting down the days until he comes home and can stay here for a year.
So much has happend from the last post that i made. I guess I will go by each family member. I will start with Miss Jamie Lynn. As always Jamie is exceling at her school work. I often forget how far ahead she is until we get around other people. Just this last Sunday I went to choir pratice and had to take Jaime and Michael along for lack of a sitter. Before we started one of the members was asking Jamie some random questions regarding her dress. asking her things like "what color are the buttens." and "How many pink buttens are there?" when she answered all the questions right the "how smart", and "such a big girl you are" came rolling in. I know this may seem over the top to some people but for me when 3 year old can read and do simple math i find that amazing no matter whos child it is.
We are still woking on Jamie's eyes. Rigth now they are not improving as much as the doctors would have hope. we have started to dilate her right eye everyday to make the vision blurry so that the left eye can get stronger. We are also patching the right eye for 3 hours a day. It is very hard as a parent to have a child with something wrong that just wouldn't get better. It is even more so when you are alnoe with 2 childen and a household to care for on top of it. I know i n time things will look up and all this will be past her but right now it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Now for Michael, this little boy couldn't be more diffrent from his sister! Jaime would be happy to play by herself and not make a beep for hours, Michael on the other hand will not let me set him down for a second! Jamie hated to be held after she could crawel and Michael is the BEST snuggle bug ever! Michael is crawling very well now and getting into everything. He has also started to say a few words. Mama and Dada are the first as is normal, then can dog, love you, and bye bye. more come everyday and I look forard to when he can tell me what he wants rather then cry and protest all the time.
sorry to cut this short but I have to head to the gym to work off all the extra pounds for Jason coeing home.