Saturday, February 21, 2009

The test

As this pregnancy comes closer to ending I would like to look back at the start of it all.

It was the monday after I had recived my endowments at the LA temple. I had been feeling like things were about to "start" for days. Knowing that I would be wearing all white in the temple I had prayed that things would hold off until after I went. When by saterday nothing had showed I was relieved that I could go to the temple and not worry. everything was wonderful in the temple and the only thing missing was my husband. After we left I called Jason to tell him about my wonderful day. At the end of our conversation he asked if i had "started". I told him no that it would be anyday now, but thank goodness it had held off. Monday rools around and Jason text meassages me asking the question again. It was at that moment that the light came on. I think that Jason wondered long before I did. I didn't want to hope for any thing as we had just been through a few losses and the idea of it scared me. Jason told me to run down to the store so that I could "make sure". So I did.

I get three test because one just will not due. bring them home(well my moms house) at head to the bathroom. As i pull out this stick I think to myself that I am stupid of letting Jason talk me in to this because there is NO WAY I could be. Well as if you don't already know the anser here is the test.

I almost passed out. I was sure that i could in no way be preggo. I was sure! I had just gotten okay with the idea of having Jaome as an only child and this is the joke God plays on me. He must have said someting like this. "Okay so you are content in the way your life is now lets turn it upside down." Please don't get me wrong I was happy in a few days but the shock of it all made my head spin. I then send a pic of the test to Jason and he calls me back in record time sounding so happy. He sounded so happy I wanted to smack him and remind him that we had given up. Like "rember we quit trying".
Anyway 8 months later here I am telling this story as that little suprise is kicking me in the ribs. I hope that in a few weeks I will get to post about the end of this pregnancy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our snow day

I woke up to my wonderful husband calling me telling me "marry christmas". I was half asleep and snaped at him with a firm "what!". he then told me to look outside. Now I was expecting and new car or something of that sort but this is what i got.

Jamie had so much fun. As soon as we would come inside she would grap her mittens and ask to go back out. Dang kids have no concept of Mommy's cold. When Jason came home later that day he started throwing snow balls at Jamie and that is why she has a mound of snow on top of her head on the last pic. This was so enjoyable. I hope that we can live somewere that gets snow in the winter every year.

Pics of Michael

Here are some of the ultrasound pics of Michael. The first one is of him sucking his thumb. I wish you could have been there to see him doing it. I could see his little jaw and tounge moving. It made him seem so much more real. The second one is of his spine. You can see that he will be a tall boy. And last but not least is his "boy tools". You can see his nottie bits where the arrow is pointing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family photos

I wanted to post our last family photos for all to see. We really need to get more done.

Our first blog

Hello all,
I have chosen to do this so that I can keep everyone updated on our family without spending too much time on the net. I hope you all can hang in there as I get the hang of this whole blogging thing down.
Just to start so that everyone is on the same page I will recap things that have been happening up until now. First off is that Jason had his orders to deploy to Egypt pushed back until Aug. He will be going to some training before hand so it looks like he will be leaving in mid-July. We are very happy that he will get to spend some more time with the baby before he leaves us for a year or more.
Jamie is growing up fast and getting so smart. Too smart sometimes. She can now talk like a human most of the time. I like not having to tell everyone what she just said and her getting mad at us not understanding the baby talk. She is always commenting on how big Michael(my belly) is getting. I hope that she like him this much when he gets here. Jamie has also been see by the eye doctors for her left eye turning in. It was a little more advanced then we had been lead to believe. I eye doctor was mad at the fact that non of Jamie's other doctors had told us to get seen. Whats done is done and we are moving foward. She is getting 4 hours of eye therpy at home evryday. We have to patch her "good" eye and make her use her fine motor skills. This has been working and we are already seeing some progress. We will take her back the the doctor in April to see what is next.
Speaking of April, that is when little Michael is due. I would give you a date but I have no hopes of making it to 40 weeks so we are looking a sometime between March 23rd to April 20th. We are getting everything set up for the little man to arive. The clothes are washed and the crib is set up. We still have a few things to get but that will come in time. I have a docotrs vistit coming up on the 27th of Feb and I will update then. So far He is looking like he will be smaller, ssay 6- 61/2 lbs but I am just fine with that. LOL He is going to be tall. At the last ultarsound his legs were a full 2 weeks ahead of the rest of his body!
So as you can see we have plenty of things going on yet not much at all. I have been trying to keep up with the demands of daily housework with a evergrowing belly. I am hoping to start saving up to go see Jason in Egypt when he is over there. I am wondering how I will make this trip with two little ones but that is still sometime off.
Thank you all for reading this and I hope that you will check our blog offten.
----Love always the Walker family