Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Music to my ears

Jamie and I have started piano lessons this last week. I have wanted to learn how to play the piano for years now, and took lessons for a short time after Jaime was born. Sadly my piano teacher, and best friend, moved to Africa. Seeing as travailing to Africa once a week for lesson was out of the budget, I took a brake for a time. Now that Jamie is 4 years old and asking nearly every day to learn I thought it was time to start up again.
Our first lesson went very well. Jamie took very well to her our teacher and to the method she uses. Jamie is using the book 67 Fun Songs primer by Jon Schmidt. I am using the 67 Fun songs by Jon Schmidt and love it! These books are a wonderful way to learn the basics of sight reading. In one lesson I have picked up so much that I have started to play simple peaces. I look forward to watching Jamie progress in her playing. I think that having a child at the piano making beautiful music makes a home a wonderful place.

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